We have VIDEOS, Songs and LINKS here because you could find some Truth, by no means we endorse all their views. Please use Discernment when reading or viewing these links, as you probably would any way. Let the SET APART SPIRIT and Scripture to determine their orthodoxy. May Yahuwah bless you and keep you...HalleluYAH.

Lew White on the Power Hour

Pagan Christian Symbols

Fossilized Customs

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Our brother Lew White in the U.S has blown the lid on the latest alien / human cloning / nephilim giants and end-time doomsday prophecies while providing us with the necessary links to keep our full Armour of Elohim in play. The question of both our IMMORTALITY and involvement with fallen spirit beings (`malakim' in hebrew) is one of the best kept secrets around, shrouded by intruige and controversy, but of major importance for us to understand, as the widespread deception begins. ARE WE REALLY IMMORTAL? WILL WE REALLY LIVE FOREVER? YOU WILL FIND OUT..















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